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Table Taps

Bite-sized brain snacks for Chicago’s early learners.


Young children become problem solvers as they repeat actions to get an effect. Encourage your baby to tap on the table with a spoon. Playfully count the taps out loud.

Why It's Important

Tapping the spoon on the table allows your baby to experiment with how much force is needed to make a sound. Your baby will begin to notice that when the spoon hits the table harder, it makes a louder sound. Your baby will also notice that the faster the taps, the quicker the sound comes. Your baby's reasoning and problem solving skills are developing through experiences like this one, and these are skills that are best learned through exploration and discovery.


Make a recording of the taps, and replay it for your baby to hear.

Not Ready Yet

Hold your baby's hand, and tap the spoon on the table together a few times so the baby can feel the vibration. Let go! Did your baby try to do it alone?

Need a Challenge

Try tapping the spoon very lightly while counting in a whisper voice. Try to get your baby to imitate your actions!

Book Recommendations:

"Alphaprints: 1 2 3" by Roger Priddy

Extend the learning:

Add some other items for the baby to tap on that will make different sounds. You could try a metal lid, a plastic bowl, or a small cardboard box.