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Color Toys

Bite-sized brain snacks for Chicago’s early learners.


Teach color words in context by using them during everyday routines. For example, as your child helps you clean up toys, take the opportunity to describe the toys by their color. "You've got the yellow truck. I have the blue car. Can you hand me the red ball?"

Why It's Important

Using descriptive language will help your baby begin to make the connection between the words being said and what we see. If your baby hears the word "red" enough times in combination with seeing a red object, your baby will learn what "red" means.


Does your child have a preference for a certain color? If so, make a note of it in your journal. What makes you think this color is your baby's favorite?

Not Ready Yet

Even if your baby is not actively participating in clean-up with you just yet, you can still talk about the different colors you see. As your baby plays with a toy and explores it, talk about its color and shape. Describe the toy that comes next as well!

Need a Challenge

Have your baby help you sort the toys by color. Pick up all the toys of one color first before cleaning up the next color.

Book Recommendations:

"I Love Colors" by Margaret Miller

Extend the learning:

Colors are all around us. Talk about them in everyday conversations with your baby. Compare the colors of toys to the colors we see in the natural world. A tractor might be green like the grass in the backyard or a favorite blanket is blue like the sky.