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Supported Standing

Bite-sized brain snacks for Chicago’s early learners.


Hold your baby in a standing position by supporting his or her torso. Playfully encourage baby to put some weight on those feet and stand up tall!

Why It's Important

There is a lot of leg strength needed in order for your baby to stand on two feet upright. Practicing standing with your support will help to build some of that leg strength. Standing is also a new sensation for your baby. The world looks different when you're on two feet looking around!


Have someone take a picture while you are holding the baby up. Count how many seconds your baby remains standing without giving up. Be sure to write it on the back of the picture when it's printed. Take another picture in a month and time the baby again. Hopefully you will see some significant progress!

Not Ready Yet

Hold your baby upright over a table with those little feet resting on its surface. Bounce your baby up and down gently, and hopefully you will begin to notice the baby pushing into the table and attempting to stand.

Need a Challenge

Instead of supporting under the arms, try holding just your baby's hands. This will require that your baby maintain balance in order to stay upright.

Book Recommendations:

"I Can" by Helen Oxenbury

Extend the learning:

Get down on your knees, and hold your baby in a standing position facing you. Slowly guide the baby forward to "walk" over to you while keeping the baby's feet on the floor the whole time.