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Stomp the Letter

Bite-sized brain snacks for Chicago’s early learners.


Think of some letters that are already familiar to your child. Use chalk to write those big on the sidewalk. Add in a few letters that your child is beginning to learn. Invite your child to identify the letters of the alphabet by stomping on the letter that you call out. Start with identifying the familiar ones and then introduce the new letters!

Why It's Important

Your child is learning to recognize the letters of the alphabet. Making personal connections to letters (D is for Daddy, M is for Mommy, etc.) makes the letters more purposeful and easier to remember.


In your journal or on the sidewalk with chalk, pick a favorite letter and draw pictures of 3 things that start with that letter.

Not Ready Yet

Make the letters big enough where you can stomp on the letters together. You can also try writing all of the alphabet on the ground and stomping on the letters as you sing the ABC song.

Need a Challenge

Stomp on a word instead of a letter. You can write words that are in categories like 'names of friends,' 'animals,' etc.

Book Recommendations:

"Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" by Bill Martin, Jr.

Extend the learning:

Stomp on a letter, and then think of a word that starts with that letter. For example, if you step on a 'B' you can brainstorm words that begin with B.