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Pop Go the Bubbles

Bite-sized brain snacks for Chicago’s early learners.


Bubbles are a great tool for learning new vocabulary! As you play with bubbles today, encourage your child to do more than just pop them. Introduce and model some less common verbs like "chop" and "stomp."

Why It's Important

Finding creative ways to pop bubbles helps your child learn about them and understand them better. It also helps your child see that there are many different ways to solve the same problem. Being encouraged to "think outside the box" will build your child's curiosity and interest in learning.


Once you've finished popping bubbles, ask your child to recall some of the different ways you did it. Help your child remember the words to describe your actions by using gestures and acting it out. For example, say the word, "stomp" and stomp your foot. Have your child say it and do it, too.

Not Ready Yet

Talk about the bubbles as they float around. Describe the shape of them and what sizes and colors you see. Try to catch a bubble on a bubble wand and let your child see it up close.

Need a Challenge

Give your child a variety of different "tools" to use to help pop the bubbles. Some suggestions include wooden spoons, flyswatters, and paper plates. Encourage your child to try out the "tools" to see what works best to pop the bubbles.

Book Recommendations:

"Toot, Toot. Beep, Beep" by Emma Garcia

Extend the learning:

Fill a bucket halfway with water and add some dish soap. Give your child a whisk and watch the bubble suds begin to appear! Have a variety of different sized cups and bowls available for your child to get creative.