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Kicking Paper

Bite-sized brain snacks for Chicago’s early learners.


Allow your baby to explore cause and effect with his or her own body! For example, after changing a diaper, hold a piece of paper within reach of your baby's feet. Encourage your baby to kick the paper and listen to the noise it makes. Try out different items like wax paper, an aluminum pan, or a cloth blanket.

Why It's Important

Infants at this age are beginning to explore how their actions can have an impact on the people and objects around them. This activity will help your baby begin to understand simple cause and effect relationships.


Most babies have certain times of the day when they are alert and curious about the sights and sounds around them. Keep track of when these times typically occur for your baby each day. Use these periods of alertness to talk to the baby and play games such as this one.

Not Ready Yet

Hold your baby's ankles and gently tap the paper with them. Let go! Is your baby ready to copy the motion?

Need a Challenge

Slide the paper almost out of reach of the baby's legs, and see if your baby's toes will search for it in anticipation of that exciting crunchy sound.

Book Recommendations:

"Pat the Bunny" (Touch and Feel Book) by Dorothy Kunhardt

Extend the learning:

Put the paper out in front of your baby to allow some hand and arm exploration of the new material as well!