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Walk the Line

Bite-sized brain snacks for Chicago’s early learners.


Place some masking tape on the floor in a line and invite your child to play. Can you walk forward, walk backward, run, and skip on the line?

Why It's Important

Your child is learning about balance and movement and is gaining the ability to focus and persist to accomplish a goal. Children need lots of opportunities to use their large muscles to move, have fun, and explore their environment.


Let your child draw a line (squiggly or straight) on a piece of paper. Using a little doll or action figure, show how the toy can run, hop, and walk backwards on the line that was drawn.

Not Ready Yet

Younger children may be more fascinated with the tape itself! That’s okay! Just make a habit every day of showing the line and modeling how to walk along it.

Need a Challenge

Get creative with the tape and make a zigzag line or a line in the shape of the first letter of your child's name. See if your child can still walk the line!

Book Recommendations:

Harold and the Purple Crayon/Harold y el lápiz morado by Crockett Johnson

Extend the learning:

Look for lines when you are out of the house such as the edge of the sidewalk or the lines on the tile at the grocery store. Play “Follow the Leader” to encourage your child to stay engaged and with you as you accomplish your errands!