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Pantry Talk Description

Bite-sized brain snacks for Chicago’s early learners.


This vocabulary-building game can be played while you cook or clean up the kitchen! Pull items from the pantry and discuss the attributes of each item with your child. Take turns describing the items as the other guesses.

Why It's Important

Your child is learning to describe familiar people, places, things, and events. Using rich vocabulary with your child expands thinking skills, vocabulary, and creativity.


Ask each family member, “What is your favorite item in our pantry? What are three words that describe that item?”

Not Ready Yet

Make a game of simply naming items in the pantry.

Need a Challenge

Allow your child to select items from the pantry and describe them without the adult seeing them.

Book Recommendations:

"Plumply, Dumply Pumpkin" by Mary Serfozo

Extend the learning:

Play a similar describing game in different settings: objects in the yard while playing outside, objects in the child’s room at bedtime, or things around the doctor’s office waiting room.