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Drum Patterns

Bite-sized brain snacks for Chicago’s early learners.


Pots and other kitchen containers make great drum sets when you turn them upside down! Model a drum pattern and ask your child to repeat it. Get creative with fast and slow beats and loud and soft rhythms.

Why It's Important

Children who are given opportunities to be creative tend to have a higher self-esteem and are more motivated and curious. Encouraging creativity in your child will help your child become a better problem solver, too.


Ask your child to come up with some other things you could do with the kitchen containers. Encourage your child to think creatively by making suggestions if needed. Could you build something with them? Could you pretend that they are something else?

Not Ready Yet

If copying a pattern is a little tricky for your child, just have fun drumming together. Consider singing a song and encouraging your child to simply tap to the beat.

Need a Challenge

Encourage your child to make up a new pattern that you haven't done yet. Add in a third drum to make it more interesting.

Book Recommendations:

"What Makes Music?" by Betty Ann Schwartz

Extend the learning:

Make some new sounds by gathering more materials and adding them to the drum set you have created. Wooden spoons sound different when they are tapped on metal rather than plastic. See how many different sounds you can make.