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Can You Find Me?

Bite-sized brain snacks for Chicago’s early learners.


Your baby loves to see your face! Make a game of covering your face or hiding just out of sight. Call your baby's name and watch him look for you. Show your face again and enjoy your baby's reaction!

Why It's Important

Your baby is developing what is called "object permanence." This is understanding that when something is hidden or out of sight, it still exists. Disappearing and reappearing again helps reassure your baby that you're still there even when the baby cannot see you.


Some of the biggest smiles tend to appear when a baby is happy to see you again! After "disappearing" during a game of hide and seek, your baby will be thrilled to see your face smiling back. Have your camera ready to snap a picture of that sweet smile when you reappear after hiding.

Not Ready Yet

Talk and laugh to help your baby find you. Peek out from your hiding spot until you're spotted, and hide again as the baby comes to find you.

Need a Challenge

Invite another family member to play with you. Hide with your baby under a blanket or behind a curtain while the other player comes to look for you.

Book Recommendations:

"Hide and Seek Harry Around the House" by Kenny Harrison

Extend the learning:

Have your baby help you hide a toy under a blanket, and take turns pulling the blanket back to find it together.